Key West, Florida Keys, Key West Florida

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Key West never offers a dull moment

With everything from coral reef diving to deep sea fishing to ocean kayaking, there's never 'nothin to do' in Key West Florida.

A number of dive outfitters in Key West cater to tourists and locals alike, and with a ready supply of them competing for your business, the price tag is not one that you have to squint at. If you're new to The Keys, and are not comfortable with the ocean, or are uneasy about going under water, daily snorkeling tours to the reef run about 40 dollars a person, and offer an hour or so of snorkeling over a local reef. The best time to snorkel is in the morning, about three hours after the sun comes up. The sea life is active in the morning, and the visibility is high then. The ocean life in Key West is diverse, and offers everything from Hammerhead sharks to tiny reef dwelling clown fish. Diving, you'll probably see a number of different sea creatures, whereas if you snorkel you'll not likely see more than a hand full of different species of fish, but either trip is worth the time and money.

Key West For the adults

Every October in Key West Fantasy Fest brings thousands of people from all over the country to experience an all around party like no other. Locals come out in droves to participate as well. Beginning in 1979 in Key West, Fantasy Fest celebrates the idea of a fictitious country called "The Conch Republic" that is the island of Key West, and the locals being "Conchs". Many people roam the streets either partially or fully naked, most with painted clothing or costums reflecting the traditions of the upcoming holiday (Halloween, for those in Rio Linda).