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South Beach Brings the House Down

From a poor cuban ghetto, south beach has risen to become a premier destination for travelers, local and foreign. You can't visit Florida without seeing South Beach, and You certainly can't visit South Beach without checking out some of the night clubs there.

Have you ever ordered a Mojito or a Cosmo, laying in an adirondack chair on an endless beach soaking up the beautiful sun while you wait? I know of at least one place where you can do that, as well as enjoy the included scenery. Men and women alike walk up and down South Beach all day with fit bodies and tans that make you wonder, 'do they work'.

If you're looking for some sizzle out of the sun, there's a pretty good selection of South Beach Night Clubs waiting for the sun to drop below the palm coated horizon, and they don't close much before the same sun comes right back out of the sea. South Beach venues range from fancy night clubs to high class strip clubs.

South Beach is the premier vacation city for the stars. Spend a week in South Beach, and expect to see people like Will Smith (who owns a mansion in South Beach), Celine Dion (who lives in Jupiter Island), and other celebs spending their time in this beautiful city.