Night Clubs & Entertainment in Ft Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale Florida Night Life

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Ft Lauderdale under the citrus sun.

The sun sets in Ft Lauderdale, and the beach side condos cast their long shadows over the pristine water, people move inwards to the city, and the night begins it's life. Patio cafes, night clubs, jazz and comedy clubs, Seminole casinos, and plenty of other entertaining activities offer more than the usual experience in South Florida. Ft Lauderdale is a must come, must see for those who haven’t ventured to this southern paradise. Broadway style shows, horse races (betting included of course), and a multitude of steamy night clubs await those seeking a world of entertainment. Venues range from the ever famous Voo-Doo Lounge, to the downtown dinner theatre Laughing Matterz. Throughout the greater Ft Lauderdale area, over 4,000 restaurants wait for the many South Florida food connoisseurs to make their weekend trips from all over the state.

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